Pickle (citypickle.com) is the first app to take into account environmental context such as cost, traffic , hyper local weather, distance and transportation delays to give the user the best transportation recommendation. We crafted an algorithm that analyzes and rates each available urban transportation option based on these factors and presents them in order of preference giving our urban explorer the best and most efficient route possible. For example if you wish to get from Columbus circle to the MoMa and the weather is beautiful, Pickle happily chirps that you walk however if weather turns sour, taxi is a much better option.

We want the future to be smarter and Pickle is our submission toward this.
This app was submitted to the 2014 MATA AppQuest (http://2014mtaappquest.challengepost.com/) and can be voted on here: http://2014mtaappquest.challengepost.com/submissions/32202-pickle
These were some very preliminary wireframes, ultimately we changed things around to improve the user experience.
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